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Crochet teddy bear amigurumi

Hello everyone!

I made a big crochet teddy bear amigurumi. His name is Mr. Poppa 😁. If you guys had followed me on Instagram📱 you would have known about Mr. Slate. It's a small teddy bear. He will be sitting alone all the time. So I thought of making one big teddy amigurumi.🐻

Poppa teddy bear amigurumi will be our driving buddy. I made this amigurumi for my car. This amigurumi is so plushy and I love it so much. It's color and softness is irresistible! I made a small teddy bear using 4 ply acrylic yarn and this big amigurumi using chenille yarn.🧶 Using Acrylic or cotton yarn will take a huge amount of time and effort to complete.

Why did I use chenille yarn?

  • Easy to work and the project will grow faster. I completed this amigurumi in 1 day.

  • If you want to make big amigurumi toys and you don't have that much time or patience to complete, better go with chenille yarn.

  • It will be so soft and plushy.🤗

FYI, This pattern is not mine. I randomly searched google and found some patterns and made some changes to obtain this result.

If you want some idea I'll include some reference pattern below: [ These are free crochet amigurumi patterns ]

  • This pattern is very simple and beginner friendly. Only single crochets are used, even beginners can try this. Only difficulty for beginners is using chenille yarn. Stitches will not be clearly visible. For beginners: Practice a single crochet swatch using chenille yarn before making amigurumi using chenille yarn.

  • I used a 9.00mm crochet hook. If you feel that your stitches are too loose, reduce the hook size.

  • I didn't use an invisible decrease in this chenille yarn amigurumi. It looks completely okay for this type of yarn. If you are using cotton or acrylic yarn, make invisible decrease.

  • Make sure to use a big yarn needle for weaving in or making details. And be careful when you insert your yarn needle inside the amigurumi. Because if you insert a yarn needle in a finished and sealed amigurumi, you have to make sure to take it out carefully. There may be a chance to leave the needle inside.

Materials Used:

  • Yarn used: Chenille yarn from Magic needles

  • Hook: 9.00mm

  • Amigurumi safety eyes

  • Cotton yarn for detailing

  • Fiber fill

  • Big yarn needle

[note: If you don't have any fiber fill, cut open your pillow and use that filling fiber.]

Alternate Chenille yarn options:

Safety eyes:

Poly fill:

Free amigurumi books:


Other recommended crochet supplies:

I used 4 yarn balls of chenille yarn approximately: 220 meter / 400gms

I don't remember how much fiber fill I have used in this. I had approx.200gms of fiber fill in my stash and half of the quantity is still remaining. And I used 10mm safety eyes and Gulera cotton yarn black for details.

I think I have covered all the questions and doubts regarding this project that I got in my IG. See you soon.

Until then Keep crocheting!!! Bye!!!



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1 comentário

Sheila Caporale
Sheila Caporale
20 de mar. de 2023

Iss there a pattern here, I would like to make this teddy bear please.

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