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Glenda Granny Square Blanket

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Hey my dears! I feel very happy under this blanket. This is so soft and cozy. I can't resist to touch this blanket. I used 13 skeins to get this size. For 0-6 month babies use 2 skeins and for toddlers use 5 skeins. You can also make throw using any kind of yarn. Comment me if you have any doubt!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials used:

• Yarn: Vardhaman Blanket Yarn (color: grey)

• Hook size: 6.00mm (G)

• Yarn needle

• Stitch marker

Recommended Crochet Supplies:


• sl - slip

• ch - chain

• dc - double crochet

• st(s) - stitch(es)

• rep - repeat

• *_* - Repeat stitches inside this star

• fpdc - front post double crochet


Ch5, sl st and join to make a ring.

Row 1: Ch3 (considered as 1dc), 3dc in same ring, 4dc in same ring, ch1 (corner), 4dc, ch1, 4dc, ch1, sl st and join in 3rd chain.

Row 2: 4 sl st on each st and move to one corner.

Row 3: *Ch3, turn. Work fpdc(s) on each st until you reach corner (ch1 space is considered as corner). In corner – 1dc, ch1,1dc* -rep. At last sl st and join in 3rd chain.

Row 4: Turn, sl st, ch4, 2dc in corner. Work fpdc(s) on each st until you reach corner. In corner – 2dc, ch1,2dc* -rep. At last sl st and join in 3rd chain. (4th chain is considered as chain 1 space).

Repeat Row 3 and 4 continuously until you have the desired size.


1st row – sl st, ch3, turn. (Corner – 1dc, ch1, 1dc)

2nd row – turn, sl st, ch4. (Corner – 2dc, ch1, 2dc)


➢ I used 13 skeins of yarn to get 6 feet square

➢ For baby (0 - 6 months) 2 skeins is enough

➢ For toddler use 5 skeins

➢ This pattern can be extended to any size

Voila!!! Your blanket is ready !!! Cozy!!!


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😄 Facebook : YarntoArt

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