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Rose Applique

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Hello! Have you watched my recent Anchor X IYC collaboration video. I made a beautiful summer hat pattern for that video. And I Embellished it with this rose applique. You can use this applique on any crochet project , any dress, hair pins, bow, clips, or any other crafts. This will look pretty and can be customized to any size. 💐🌹

This applique can be used as an embellishment on any of your crochet projects, dress or any object. This can be made in any size, completely your wish. You can customize it to any size.🌷

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials used:

• Yarn: Any yarn

• Hook size: Choose hook size according to your yarn

• Yarn needle

• Stitch marker

Recommended crochet supplies:


• sl - slip

• ch - chain

• sc – single crochet

• hdc – half double crochet

• dc – double crochet

• st(s) - stitch(es)

• rep - repeat

• *_* - Repeat stitches inside this star

• sk - skip


• sl knot,

• ch (as much as you want – this determines number of petals in our rose)


➢ I used 200 ch(s) for big rose and I used Anchor knitting cotton 4057 in shade 368 (thin yarn) ➢ I used 50 ch(s) for small rose and I used normal acrylic yarn ➢ Rose size will vary according to your yarn type, yarn size and hook size

• sc on 2 nd ch from hook, sc(s) on each st(s) till the end

• ch4, turn, sk 1 st, dc on next st, *ch1, sk 1 st, dc on next st* - rep till end (in this row you will get small square slots)

• ch1, turn, sc in 1st slot, *8hdc in next slot, sc in next slot* - rep 3 more times

Note: This determines number of small petals in our rose. If you are working on big rose, you can have more small petals. It’s up to you can decide how your rose should be.

*8dc in next slot, sc in next slot* - rep this till end of this row

• leave enough yarn for weaving your rose and snip the yarn

• Refer images for turning this into rose

• Roll your work in rose shape

• Roll it evenly on both sides. Don’t roll loosely

• You will get perfect rose shape

• Make sure that back side of the rose is flat

• After that, using yarn needle, weave in the rose

• Insert needle from one end to another end of the rose. Repeat this until your rose is completely secured.

• If you are attaching this applique on any other finished object, leave the excess yarn as it is. Later you can use that for stitching.

• Your rose is completed. Wow . It looks awesome

Voila!!! So cute!!! Your rose is ready !!!


😄 Instagram : @yarntoart

😄 Facebook : YarntoArt

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