How to read crochet diagram / chart?

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Hello Everyone!

Today we are gonna learn how to read crochet diagrams / charts 💹. Crochet Diagrams are very simple and they are more easy to understand than written patterns. Crochet diagrams will give a complete idea of your project shape before starting one project

Crochet diagram is nothing but a symbolic representation of a stitch or group of stitch. Before diving deep into crochet diagrams, Let's talk about crochet symbols. Craft Yarn Council of America made a standard form of symbols for each stitch. Each symbol is connected together and formed into a crochet diagram.

Recommended crochet supplies:

Crochet diagram pros:

  • Easy to understand than the written format.

  • Gives a complete idea about your project shape, before working on it.